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A unique club offering lessons for kids who are:

  • Complete Beginners
  • Used to the water and can swim a bit unaided but need to develop their stroke
  • Advanced kids who have competed a learn to swim programme and can swim lengths of the pool confidently with ease

Not your average

swim club

Are you sick of watching your kids sitting on the side while their teacher attends to one child at a time?

Our inclusive and high energy lessons with our experienced instructor will ensure this never happens.

You wont be disappointed.


MON-THU 5.30-6.30PM



Tel. +44(0)7510 658966


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What the parents say…

Comillas Negras

“It's great news that Clare is now able to offer lessons…she gave my son a confidence in the water that stays with him to this day. I can’t praise her enough…everyone comments on Marcus’ ability in the water and that is a credit to her. He keeps asking for lessons with Clare.”

Comillas Negras

“Clare uses her experience and initiative to provide lessons that include every type of learner. She responds to the needs of each child and is able to adapt quickly as required. She can follow the interests of the child to allow them to learn most effectively and she is reliable and consistent."

Comillas Negras

“My son came to swimming lessons as a petrified beginner at age 10. With gentle persuasion and persistence Clare helped him get over his fears and become a competent swimmer of lengths. He then went on to join her swim club in Stirling which he loved.”

Get In Touch

Tel. +44(0)7510 658966

Email: clareswimming@gmail.com

Facebook: @changinglaneswimclub